The very first time…

I have thought long and hard about his post. Maybe too much, who knows. But it is my virgin post and I wanted it to be good. I wanted it to be memorable. I wanted to blow my mind.

This is one of the most non-mind-blowing posts in the history of mankind, but it is a post and it is the first and think that I will just have to pretend that it is good. Could you please do me a solid and imagine the same?

Yeah…thanks for that, by the way.

This little blog of mine is going to track my journey through the writing life. I hope the good out weighs the bad, but artists can’t be chooser’s right?


I choose to learn from the downs and the so-called bads. I choose to have it good. I choose and that is all there is to it. I choose and therefore I am…choosy.

And because I didn’t want this post to be full of literary innuendo I will also post my goals for the year.

Write. Pretty self explanatory. Just do it. Except for Sunday because I need a break and that is just the day to do it.

Finish Intent. Intent is my little pooh-bottom baby that I’m cooking up. I just have to wipe it’s butt a few more times and it will be good to go.

Become a published author. Oh, yeah, you heard it here folks. You will read my books in print. Take that!

Read. Read. Read. I write YA and so I read mostly YA, but I would like to branch out this year and find some other gems.

Exercise. Yeah…that one kind of sucks. Wait, not kind of, it really sucks. Why can’t my body just be slender and fit and look good in everything I care to put on it. Why?!!!

And so there you have it folks, my first post and goals to boot!